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A & S Dot Com

Dealings with world class apparel product

A & S Dot Com

Full Description

A & S Dot Com is a group of professionals who are dealings with world class apparel product. Working as buying agent. Manufacturer. Factory evaluator, sourcing agent quality controller and developer. We can guarantee the best price and quality.



A & S Dot Com provides one-stop services for a wide range of products for men, women and kids as well as a wide range of fabrics including knit, woven and sweaters.

The product range includes T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, sweat pants, jogging suits, skirts, trousers, shorts, shirts, blouses, underwear & sweater.

We can provide knit fabrics from the finest 110 GSM fabric in 40s yarns, to the regular 150/180/210 GSM fabrics in all kinds of jersey and pique fabrics, to heavy 350 GSM fleece (Micro, polar, CVC, cotton ). We offer cotton mixtures such as modal, viscose, polyester, polyamide and elasthan ( Lycra / Spandex ).

We can provide woven fabrics such as denim, twill, canvas, panama, rib stop, corduroy, poplin etc. according to our customers needs. We have a wide range of sourcing from china, India and local textiles.

We can provide 3, 5, 7, 10 & 12 Gauge of sweaters in many design including jacquard.


Knit : 1000000 pcs / Month.
Woven : 5000000 pcs. / Month. &
Sweater : 250000 pcs. / Month.
We can source more than this capacity prior to
confirm atleast 3 month before the plan.

Production Lead time:

Knit 70-90 days after confirmation.
Woven 90-120 days after confirmation.
Sweater 120-150 days after confirmation.
For the repeat orders, we need less lead time and it is negotiable during the order placement time.

Production follow up:

Production is followed-up daily by our qualified team of merchandisers who carefully track the status of raw materials, accessories, knitting, dyeing, sewing etc. Given A & S Dot Com’s Background in manufacturing we work along with the factories and provide them with assistance should production hick-ups or potential delays occur. This way we can ensure maximum commitment to on-time delivery.

Minimum order size:

A & S Dot Com does not set any specific minimum order quantities per style, color and size. We will support the client regardless of the order quantities. It goes without saying that higher order quantities will result in more competitive prices. We usually recommend our clients to place minimum order quantities of 3000 pcs. Per style or 1000 pcs. Per color.


Quality comes first. As a client you have the right to expect high quality garments. A & S Dot Com will guarantee you that best-in-class quality assurance control is implemented in each of the factories that we can working with. A & S Dot Com has established its own set of quality procedures and standards which we will gladly share with you. Should the client wish to apply its own quality standards we can easily accommodate to that request as well. Quality is built into the product in the first place. Quality can not be achieved by inspection. That’s why A & S Dot Com ensures that the first fabric lot of every new order is tested at their in-house facilities as well as our facilities in the office. Once the approval is given the factory may proceed with cutting. Once the order has been completed, A & S Dot Com team of quality auditors will perform a final audit. Before shipment we will send a copy of the final audit report to you. If the clients requires, we will also send TOP (Top of Production) samples. These samples will be taken from the first pieces coming out of the lines and are immediately submitted to the client.

Rules of origin:

One of the key advantages of sourcing from Bangladesh is the duty free and quota free access to the European Union under the EBA (Everything But Arms) initiative. The EBA has been created as special arrangements for LDCs (Least Developed Countries) and will be maintained for an unlimited period of time. Goods are considered originating from Bangladesh if there is sufficient working or processing. The normal proof of origin is the certificate of origin Form A. In general that means at least “From yarn forward” for knit. For Woven “From Fabric Forward” and for sweater “From Dyeing Forward”. When quoting the prices based on the base size sample, A & S Dot Com will also check with the factory and the Export Promotion Bureau in Bangladesh to ensure that the product fully complies with the rules of origin and a Form A can obtained.


A & S Dot Com is able to provide a one-stop service from factory to your door in terms of logistics. We have carefully selected a world class freight forwarder and are able to provide you with this unique door-to-door experience. It goes without saying that A & S Dot Com will also gladly cooperate with any nominated freight forwarder the client has selected. Our logistic staff will monitor the shipment of the goods ex-factory to the port of Chittagong. They will closely follow-up both with the freight forwarders and the factory to ensure that goods are delivered without any issues.

Our logistic staff will also ensure that all export documents such as the commercial invoices, packing list, bill of lading and certificates of origin are forwarded to the clients on time.

Supplier Network:

A & S Dot Com has a strong network of both core vendors with whom we have formed strategic alliance and back-up vendors that provide us with flexibility. Suppliers are selected and regularly evaluated based on a number of key metrics. Legal, ethical & environmental compliance.
Financial strength
Technical abilities
Factory layout, equipment, personnel &
Quality and delivery performance.
Cost competitiveness &
Sample room.


The first criteria we select and evaluate factories on is compliance. All our factories need to be certified either by ourselves, WRAP, ETI, BSCI or SA8000. Without such a evaluation, A & S Dot Com will not enter discussions on future cooperation. While these initial certifications are important and ensure that then factories  we approach are of a high level in terms of legal, ethical and environmental compliance A & S Dot Com takes pride in going one step further. In addition to the one-off compliance certifications, A & S Dot Com regularly conducts its own audits – at least every three months. Once upon a year we also request an independent audit firm to conduct a 3rd   party audit. These audits are conducted based on our   internal compliance manual. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about A & S Compliance policy. Should the client have an internal compliance policy, we will gladly incorporate them into our quarterly and independent annual audits. At A & S Dot Com we believe transparency and upon request we will make all the certifications and audit results available to the client.


Letter of Credits ( LC’s ) at sight seem to be ubiquitous and must – haves when conducting business with Bangladeshi companies. But after building the relationship with our clients, we may select the convenient payment method as per both parities convenience.

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