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Energypac Agro-G Ltd


Full Description

Established in 2006, Energypac Agro Limited (EAL) specializes in design, research, development and marketing of seeds and agro-products of superior quality. As a leading Agricultural company, we are committed to Good Agricultural Practices and creating opportunities for our farmers to prosper from improved on-farm productivity and yield, through the sustainable use of quality seeds and other required inputs. At EAL, we aim to promote commercial agriculture as an engine for rural development, industrialization and greater employment for poor masses.

Company Overview:

Seed is the basic and only living input in agricultural industry that plays a crucial role in boosting up the agricultural production as well as economy of a country. In Bangladesh, farmers remained mostly dependent on the imported seed of unknown quality though favorable environment prevails for quality seed production. In order to meet up farmers demand for better and suitable seeds and for the development of their socio- economic status, Energypac Agro Ltd. has commenced its seed business in the name of renowned agroG Seed. The experienced plant breeders of Energypac Agro Ltd. independently and also with the collaboration of foreign agricultural scientists have developed a lot of high yielding and hybrid varieties suitable for their agro ecological zones that are resistant to major diseases and insects, more profitable and of better quality. We have established our central R & D farm at Hotapara in Gazipur district and three varietal trial farms in Rangpur, Jessore & Mymensingh. The company’s research department is staffed with highly qualified scientists, support staff and skilled workers and supervisors, dedicates itself to the demanding process of varietal testing, selection, hybridization and production of best quality seeds. We have also established nationwide network of small farmers engaged in contract multiplication of company’s proven products for providing the necessary volume of commercial seed.
The quality control division ensures that only healthy seeds with good germination and varietal purity reach the market seed. Our seed processing plant and warehouse facilities provide neatly cleaned and properly packed and stored seed of highest quality. To best serve the end users of agroG Seeds, the marketing department employs a group of sales promoters who provide product information, advice and after-sales service directly to farmers, while sales representatives ensure that agroG Seed dealers receive the continuous supply of quality seeds. Besides these, Energypac Agro Ltd. is continuously growing better quality seedlings of vegetables, fruits and forest plants through proper nursery management and selling those products. The company is also producing different vegetables, fruits, flowers, corn and aromatic rice, process of products, sell in the domestic markets and export them to different countries of the world. Energypac Agro Ltd wants to take the leading position of agricultural sector for the betterment of Bangladesh.
Organizations We Work With:
  • Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation. Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute ( BRRI)
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Institute ( BARI)
  • International Finance Corporation ( IFC), South Asia Enterprise Development Facility ( SEDF)- World Bank Group
  • Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service ( RDRS)
  • Reputed seed companies and research stations of India, China & Srilanka
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh & Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU)
  • Soil Resource Development Institute ( SRDI)
  • Department of Forests and Environment
  • Local and Foreign NGOs

Our Vision:

The vision of our company is to be the leader in producing and marketing quality seeds of major crops in the country. We shall achieve this through a concerted and advanced Research & Development ( R & D) , a highly qualified staff and efficient managements and by promoting our entry into potential markets and continuously developing new varieties .
Research Facilities: We plan to increase our sales of seeds and produced crops significantly each year. We will achieve those through meeting the farmer`s needs and improving dealer networks. Through efficient operations and management of support services we will make sure prompt delivery and availability of high quality products to our esteemed customers.
Our Immediate Missions Are:
  • To produce about 3000 tons of quality seeds of major crops under our own supervision, scientifically process and deliver them to the farmers. We plan to market 300 tons of high quality hybrid rice from China and 200 tons of Hybrid Maize from China in 2007.
  • To obtain about 5000 tons of maize and vegetables for commercial purposes including value addition for local and foreign markets.
  • To market about 200 tons of quality vegetable seeds for the farmers and traders.
  • To develop suitable hybrid rice, maize and vegetable varieties for different agro-ecological situations of the country.
  • To develop ideal product and technology mix for export; diversify into other allied areas such as farm mechanization, coconut coir processing and trading.


Our mission is to be become the leader in quality seed production and other agricultural products inside the country and in our neighboring region. With our long professional skill and infrastructure support we have embarked into developing superior crop seeds that are disease and stress tolerant, high yielding and widely acceptable by the farmers for own consumption and target markets. We intend to contribute significantly to greening the environment and national food and nutritional security

Plan to Become the Leader:

Through thoughtful planning and perfectly conducted research, we hope to develop superior hybrids in all the important field and horticultural crops for various agro-climatic regions in the country. EAL will also continue to identify, conserve and multiply superior germplasms of important horticultural and agricultural species through modern breeding techniques. We will also develop ideal product and technology mix for export; diversify into other allied areas (such as fertilizer production and trading) and intensify its research-to- land programme for the upliftment of the economic well being of our farming community.

Research & Development:

Energypac Agro Ltd has a Central R&D station at Hotapara in Gazipur

Main Activities of R&D

  • Varietals screening including testing hybrids.
  • Testing cultivar performance.
  • Stock seed production.
  • Development of hybrid varieties
  • Germplasm collection & conservation.
  • Developing of own Hybrid Rice in collaboration with China
  • Direct field Supervision of the Experts
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