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Agronest is an emerging veterinary company in Bangladesh. It is registered under the Company Act 1994 in Bangladesh in 2008 with the mission of leading the country’s dynamic animal health sector from the highest end. It started with the specialization in fields of development, manufacturing and marketing of the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical veterinary products in Bangladesh market.
Agronest is committed to be the supreme in the health care sector in the country. This commitment of excellence is evident from its standard manufacturing facilities with expertise to its unparalleled service and unsurpassed quality. Our vision is to serve the livestock market with supreme and affordable bits and pieces whenever and whoever requires. The company’s strategy efficient commercialization of significant improvements to human and animal health care, at a good rate is another strategy of the company.
The demand of quality health care products is increasing with enhanced awareness for health care. With the opening of Bangladesh economy to outside world and with the acceptance of Bangladesh health care products in third world country there is a significant increase in demand for Bangladeshi health care products in markets abroad.

Having realized the potential of the health care industry and the kind of increasing awareness in the country for health care products the promoters of the country had decided to position themselves in this emerging industry.

Agronest started its journey in 2008, with quality veterinary drugs. Its product portfolio covers a variety of dosage forms including Bolus, Syrup, Sachet, Powder, Injectables etc.

Agronest is the result of a dream of a group of specialist from different professions like Pharmacist, Chemist, Chartered Accountant, Business Graduates and blooming Entrepreneurs. They started walking together with a vision of serving the country animal health sector and within three years of its operation it is playing an imperative role in different units of the animal health sector in the country.

With the regards of its consumers and strength of partners Agronest started to keep steps in different industry now. The Agronest Trading House (Export & Import) is in the pipeline. Some more business units are in the plan to serve the market demand in a range of technique.


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