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airtel connects all your friends


Full Description

We don’t want to bore you with the usuals on our company’s mission, vision and values. We’re airtel and the only thing that matters to us is how well we can serve you & keep you connected with the things you love.

We’ve just started our journey in Bangladesh. And we want to get to know you better. So please join us and spend some time with us in Airtel Buzz- our fan page. And tell us all about the stuff that matter- the things that you love the most.

We know the list is endless- your friends, family, gossip, music, movies, games, cricket, pink Floyd, James, cricket, sakib al hasan, painting, metallica, the circus, fast cars, the color red, your mobile phone, the beatles, shopping, laughing, loving, living in the moment, dogs, the sea….

But we want to keep on adding to this list. We want you to find different things to love everyday, and we want those things to be always next to you.

So please keep on telling us about yourself @ airtel buzz. Write something on our wall, become a fan or post your favorite picture. Share your wonderful self with everyone!

  • Email:
  • Call Helpline:
    • 786 from airtel number
    • 158 from airtel number (Free of charge IVR based complaint helpline)
    • 016-78600786 from Non airtel number
  • Fax: 02 – 8951786
  • Mail: G. P.O. Box 3016, Dhaka


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airtel, 3.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


Mobile Phone Operator

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