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Akij Foundation School (AFS) ensures a new era of education in Bangladesh. Our curriculum incorporates the best of Bengali and English medium schools to give your children the cutting edge they need to engage with their global society. We believe in the essence of each child’s individuality and inherent talent in different areas. Therefor, we will take care to ensure the best of training for the teachers, who will engage with their students usinig multisensory methods, problem based teaching in a student centered environment.

The school will be using strategies from within the best of Bangladeshi educational resources as well as incorporating the latest trendes in international education policy. The students will be exposed to more than the best of academia – to rich experiences in cultural, extra curricula activities also to ensure a broader outlook and dynamism.

A school plays a very important role in forming the ideology, values and character of your child. Therefor, we are committed in ensuring not only excellent education but also in fostering good humane qualities in your child. We hope that you will share our enthusiasm and beliefs in progressing towards a new standard in learning.

In Bangladesh, many students are securing good grades in S.S.C or equivalent examinations. The major factors behind their success in most cases are their parents, private tutors, coaching centres or the students themselves. In most of the educational institutions, students have to attend to multiple private tutors and coaching centres after their normal school hours that involve loss of time and energy and also huge financial expenditure. In contrast, we provide full-time schooling five days a week from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm eliminating the need of homework and additional teachers/coaching. We will fully prepare your child for the S.S.C examination thus making life easier and stress free for both the students and parents. However, we are providing regular school timing facility from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm for those who are interested.

We are currently providing education until S.S.C (English Version) and H.S.C (Bengali Version and English Version) under National Curriculum.


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