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Navana Limited


Full Description

The origins of Navana Group lie with Islam Group and the Establishment of Navana Limited. Islam Group, founded by Mr. Alhaz Jahurul Islam, started its journey in 1953 with the founding of Bengal Development Corporation (BDC). In 1964 Navana Limited was founded as a sister concern of Islam group to cater to the Automobile industry.

Mr. Shafiul Islam joined Islam Group where he concentrated on Navana Limited & BDC and contributed in making them icons I their fields of operations. In 1996 Mr. Islam separated from the group with Navana Limited and Aftab Automobiles Limited.

With only these two companies Mr. Islam set out to build Navana Group one of the largest business houses in Bangladesh. Now, Navana operates in different key business sectors from construction to energy and from manufacturing to trading.


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