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Amin Jewellers

A Symbol of Aristocracy

Amin Jewellers

Full Description

Amin Jewellers is the Bangladesh’s leading independent jewelers retailer with a network of 5 shops in many of the major commercial centres across the Capital Dhaka.

Our vision is To Be at the Heart of Every Celebration. Our unique culture is fundamental to our success. Our culture springs from our values and our values guide us to our success.

We are proud in recognition of our service, our innovative store designs and our product offer.

You will be ‘impressed by the store designs and the commitment to you. Also you will love the family ethos of the company despite it being a multiple and felt this translates to both loyal staff and customers. The staffs are warm, friendly and inviting as well as being knowledgeable about the product range.

A wide range of gold and silver, diamond and other precious stone jewellery is offered.

A brief history

The Company began trading in 1966 when Mr Amin, the founder, set up a retail jewellery shop in Dhaka. Since then, the Company has seen sustained and consistent growth.

The foundation of this growth is Mr Amin’s commitment to offering its customers attractive, desirable, top quality products at competitive prices, with an emphasis on the highest levels of customer service and value for money within a relaxing and luxurious setting in our stores. We invest heavily in the ongoing training and development of all of our staff to ensure that their skills and product knowledge are consistently of the highest standard. As a result we have a high proportion of staff having qualifications further consolidating the high level of service and expertise available in all our stores.

Whether you choose to visit one of our stores or shop with us on line, you can be assured of the same level of customer service from one of the most trusted names in jewellery retailing.


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