Atlas Education Consultants (AEC)

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Atlas Education Consultants (AEC)

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  • We are among very few education agencies in Bangladesh who truly cares for students interests.
  • We run our organization through highest ethical manner and we always maintain 100% transparency & honesty in all our dealings with the students as well as with our partner universities & colleges.
  • We have highest level of professional skill and experiences in respect of assisting students for admission, visa procedure & all other related issues.
  • We are authorized representative of many leading universities/colleges around the world. Thus we offer wide range of choices for selecting suitable country, course of study, fees, locations etc.
  • We work only with the higher standard education institutions and we ensure that our students are satisfied about their establishments, quality of teaching and recognition of degrees.
  • Apart from a very small amount of administrative charge of Tk. 2,000, we do not take any other service charge from students whereas we receive benefit from our partner universities & colleges.
  • We do not receive cash money from students for the purpose of tuition fees. Rather, we ask students to pay such fees by bank draft or by bank transfer.
  • Our students are highly satisfied about our professionalism and student friendliness. This has created a very good reputation of our company among the students and students guardians.
  • We feel proud when our students say that our company is the most professional & student-friendly foreign education consultancy in the country.


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