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AXON Ltd started operation in 2002 as a trading company for the livestock industry specifically focusing on Poultry. The primary objective was to source quality machinery of an international standard for the local buyers in Bangladesh. With a very small investment the company commenced to supply spare parts and provide technical services and support for machinery that had been supplied by companies-agents who had in their support. Our positive effort was very effective and as a result, AXON started to make representations to some of the most renowned global machinery manufacturers. Thus, the local Bangladesh buyers quickly added AXON to their list of preferred suppliers of renowned brands of Poultry farming equipment and services.

In 2004, AXON Ltd discovered the great potential of Meat processing (Frozen Food) in this country. During that time, there were only few such products in the market but the demand was rising fast due to the growth of supermarkets which catered to Bangladesh consumers one stop shopping preference. AXON immediately started researching the meat & poultry sector looking for quality machinery, recipes and food technology. The Bangladesh market responded instantly in a positive manner and we at AXON made our breakthrough in 2006 by installing into Bangladesh the only automatic production line for meat processing- frozen food products in this country at that time.

AXON Ltd managed to achieve a “Single Source” status and is now the leading and probably the only company in Bangladesh which is able to supply the full range of quality branded machinery, ingredients,   and technology for sectors like Poultry farming, Professional Kitchen, Meat & Pastry processing Industry.

Since 2005, AXON Ltd has set up a liaison office in Australia to represent new principals to offer a wider range of quality products for the agro farming sector in Bangladesh, and this Australia initiative has resulted in faster and more positive growth of both the industry in Bangladesh and of AXON.


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