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Bangla Vision

দৃষ্টি জুড়ে দেশ

Bangla Vision

Full Description

BanglaVision is moving forward with the people of Bangladesh as its companion. The vision and the mission on which we stand started to consolidate. Our vision is to reach  our viewers with the theme that our country  was liberated through a liberation war, while our mission is to carry forward this message to our next generation so that  those who gave their today for our tomorrow does not go in vain.

Marching with zeal and untiring endeavor, we have stepped into sixth year on March 31, 2011. Like always we put emphasis on our viewers who are the source of all our inspiration, That is why our prime target is viewers and only viewers.

We are promise bound to satisfy our valued viewers — their inspiration and opinion are our guidelines. We uphold struggles of Bangalee nation as well as their culture, heritage and history in Bangladesh and all over the world. We have engaged ourselves to build a bridge connecting Bangladeshi culture with the world culture. In the logo of BanglaVision, we have incorporated alphabets of our mother tongue Bangla, the National Monument and the national flag. BanglaVision is committed to reveal the truth – we depict truth with splendor and magnificence.

BanglaVision, a satellite TV channel, is owned by Shamol Bangla Media Limited. Mr. Abdul Haque is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company while Mr. Mohammad Aminul Huq is the Managing Director of BanglaVision. BanglaVision began its formal transmission on 31 March 2006 through satellite Telstar 10 Now APT 2R. Since then the channel is continuing non-stop transmission for 24-hours everyday and we are putting on air various programmes and news bulletins.
The headquarters of BanglaVision is located at the heart of the capital city Dhaka. The office of the channel, three well-equipped studios and other technical installations are situated on the three floors of the high-rise building Noor Tower on Bir Uttam C R Dutta Road . About 400 staffs have been working round- the- clock to project BanglaVision before the viewers. BanglaVision has its bureaus or offices in all the districts of the country where our representatives are stationed to work for the channel.

programmes and programmes for women and children. On special occasions and special days, we arrange special programmes of various natures. Besides, we telecast 10 news bulletins everyday having duration from five minutes to 40 minutes. We also produce some programmes based on current news analysis.BanglaVision’s regular programmes include entertainment events such as dramas, music, dances while we produce and telecast educational, development-oriented, analytical talk-shows, religious programmes, health.

BanglaVision is only six years old, yet we are already a top ranking and fastest growing TV channel in Bangladesh . BanglaVision is a well-known popular name in the media world. This channel is not keeping itself confined within the boundary of Bangladesh , it has already crossed the border, and BanglaVision has now reached the viewers of Korea , Japan and other countries of Far East and also Australia , West Asia, North Africa, some regions of Europe and North America .BanglaVision has substantially increased its live breaking news and programme telecast during the last two years utilizing its sophisticated transmission equipment DSNG. With this movable DSNG, we can now move to any place any time and put our programme on air from the spot. We have successfully covered national elections and local elections of Bangladesh through live telecast and we did our best to give live coverage to the fire incidents occurred at BSEC building and Basundhara City Tower and the tragic incident of February 2009 at the BDR headquarters at Pilkhana in the capital city.

We are moving forward carrying information as well as entertainment, and we have already crossed a long way .We are committed to bring the best of entertainment to all our viewers.


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