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Bangladesh Brands

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Bangladesh brands is the first of its kind virtual mall in the country. It is an internet site that mimics a shopping mall, enabling customers to access ad buy products online from a variety of retailers without having to physically visit every store.

e-commerce for all the brands of Bangladesh is taking the country forward in this competitive world.
We provide full support to all of our clients starting from

  • Photography
  • Stock inventory
  • Customer service
  • Payment Gateway
  • Both national and international Delivery


FSB opened up its Bangladesh office in 2009. It is a multi award winning and the leading e-commerce company in Bangladesh. Recognized worldwide by United Nation solving Millennium Development Goals WSYA 2011.Also in our bag of accolades are the Manthan award, South Asia 2011 Digital Inclusion for Development in the category of e-business and enterprise, Won the award from e-asia on the category of best business model and localized application/content from South Asia and won the National Digital Innovation award on e-commerce, Business and Finance.


Fashion and Clothing, Perfume, Electronics,and all the top brands of Bangladesh.


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