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Bay Developments Ltd. is the market leader in high-end real estate. Our projects are characterized by their innovative planning & design solutions.

Each project is executed with meticulous detail and tremendous precision by our dynamic design team. Our consultants are handpicked from the very best in the city. We continuously employ people who have
fresh ideas and think outside the box.


Building our future together

  • Innovative Planning & Design Solutions
  • Leadership & Initiative
  • Best Business Practices
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

Total Quality

Behind this success is Total Quality Management.

We closely monitor our projects from the very beginning and even after construction is completed. Over the last two decades, our relentless pursuit for quality has led to many of the product innovations seen in Dhaka’s real estate, such as theatre kitchens and our famous rooftop gardens.

Beyond our product innovations, Bay is proud of pioneering a completely original process in the real estate world. Our clients are brought in for early design involvement (EDI), which gives them the luxury of customizing their dream with a personal touch.

The Bay Research and Testing Laboratory (BRTL), which carries out tests on materials, runs daily quality control at all levels. Our interior design teams works hard to assure quality work inside and out. Furthermore, Bay’s Facilities Management Department, consisting of security, cleaning, engineering, and management professionals, provides after-sales service and management.

Design Excellence

contemporary lines and a clean look.

Our stylish apartments combine the latest features with design innovations and new technologies for a greener product and a more sustainable environment.

To consolidate this knowledge and to perpetuate this design ethos, we created InterStudio – our design and development team – a talented group of architects, engineers and design technologists.

Building on our solid foundations of core design concerns – functionality, durability, comfort and safety – we aim to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Our Clients

Our corporate clients have set high standards for themselves and expect us to continue to deliver unmatched quality.

Our residential clientele are equally discerning, preserving their privacy and delivering value is of the utmost importance to us.


Real Estate Development

As a real estate development company, Bay has acquired an outstanding reputation by creating the best commercial and residential buildings in the entire city!

Our commercial projects boast state of the art features and our residential properties use the best available, imported materials for all fixtures and fittings.

The unique features of our properties ensure investors a sound and valuable venture. By offering facilities and services not provided by other companies, Bay is the obvious choice for high-end residential and commercial solutions.

Our unmatched quality and reputation guarantee highest sustainable rental incomes for potential investors.

Building Maintenance

Upon completion of building construction, Bay oversees all aspects of building maintenance in its residential buildings for ten years.

Our Facilities Management team constitutes of professional managers, engineers and security personnel. Key security personnel are handpicked from the Armed Forces, and the support and janitorial staffs have been trained by an international team of experts.

In order to maintain the highest standards that we have set for our products, Bay gives great priority to this aspect of our operations. This team originated from our disappointment with the providers of such facilities in the market. What started off as an experiment has evolved into a permanent valuable feature of our business, as is evident from our clients’ feedback.

BRTL, Bay’s In-house Testing Lab

The Bay Research & Testing Laboratory is a symbol of our commitment to quality. BRTL carries out various tests on our building materials, including:

  • Concrete crushing strengths
  • Sieve Analysis for concrete aggregates
  • Fineness Modulus for fine aggregates
  • Compressive strength and absorption properties of bricks
  • Verifying specifications of materials (thickness, density, strengths) from suppliers

Additional structural integrity tests are conducted by BUET labs.


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