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BBS Cables Ltd., a sister concern of Bangladesh Building Systems Ltd. (BBSL) which is a leading Pre-Engineered Steel Building Manufacturer in Bangladesh, has been incorporated in 2009. BBS Cables Ltd. is looking forward to managing expertise and obtaining technology to provide better engineering solutions through supplying quality electrical Cables, Wires, Conductors and better Customer Service. Now at the eve of the 21st century globalization, electric power has become an integral part for infrastructural development. With the rapid urbanization from corner to corner worldwide, the necessity of transmitting power assumes significant for sustainable industrial growth. So, our objective is to manufacture electrical Cables, Wires and Conductors of the highest quality and provide unparallel Customer Service to contribute to our national economic growth. We strongly believe that the relentless effort to quality and continuous improvement is the only key to long term success.

Our factory is located at Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh which is equipped with state of the art technology machineries to manufacture and test all types of quality Cables, Wires and Conductors in conformity with the latest version of National and International Standards e.g. International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), German Standard (VDE), British Standard (BS), Bangladesh Standard (BDS), Australian Standard (AS), Indian Standard (IS) and also meet up the specific requirements of the customer. We believe in a world that is safe and sound for us and also for our next generation.

Product Range & Usage

PVC Insulated/Skin Coated Copper/Aluminium House Wiring/Domestic Cables

These cables are suitable for wiring in surface mounted or concealed steel conduits or trunking, field protected installations and appliances etc.

PVC/XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power and Control Cables with or without Armour

These cables are suitable for dry or damp premises clipped direct to a surface or on a cable tray, laying in non-metallic conduits, indoors, outdoors, underground etc.

XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cables up to 33 kV

These cables are suitable for indoors, outdoors, underground and in water for continuous permissible voltage up to 33 kV.
Various Types of FR, FRLS, LSHF Cables

These cables are suitable for special cases where fire spreading out should be come to an end within a shortest possible time, high density public building, hospitals, medical equipment wiring, control panel wiring etc.

Various Types of PE insulated Telecommunication Cables, Co-axial Cables, Drop Wires

These cables are suitable for telecommunications, signal circuits etc.

Copper Wire Braided, Al-Mylar Tape Shielded, Pair Shielded and Overall Shielded Cables
These cables are suitable for special cases where electric fields need to be shielded for data cables or control cables of instruments or sensitive equipments.

Pre-Assembled Insulated Aluminium Cables with ACSR messenger wire

These cables and conductors are suitable for electric power connection, distribution line etc.

Bare Aluminium & Copper Conductors and Wires with or without Annealing

These conductors are suitable for transformer connection, distribution line etc.

Insulated or Bare Aluminium Stranded Conductors (AAC)

These conductors are suitable for transformer connection, distribution line etc.

Aluminium Conductor Steel Re-Inforced (ACSR)

These conductors are suitable for transformer connection, medium and high voltage transmission & distribution line etc.

All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC)

These conductors are suitable for transformer connection, distribution line etc.

Customized Cables, Wires and Conductors as per Customer Requirements

These are suitable for special cases as per necessity.


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