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Bellissimo ice cream is made with natural flavours and 10% milk fat for unmatched taste and creaminess. Cheaper ice creams use artificial flavours and vegetable oil.

Bellissimo offers you an international standard of ice cream. Bellissimo guarantees unmatched flavor and creaminess. Our ice cream uses natural flavours to give you a tongue-a-licious experience Our ice cream is creamier because we use rich, creamy milk fat instead of cheap vegetable oil.

Note: Some stores may not show on the Bellissimo Finder at this time. We are working hard to make this list up-to date as quickly as possible.


Ice cream cups
Ice cream cones
Ice cream sticks
Ice cream sandwiches

Available in these great flavours:

Nutty Pistachio
Banana Chocolate Walnut
Mint Chocolate Chip
Nutty Almond
Butter Chocolate Almond
Cherry Chocolate Chip

Try our premium line:

Premium Vanilla
Premium Chocolate
Premium Strawberry
Premium Mango


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