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Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management


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The need for a national level training institute was keenly felt in the early seventies to cater to the management training needs of the banking sector. The birth of Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) was sine-qua-non for the development of human resources of the banking institutions at that time. In the beginning, BIBM had to concentrate on training of the entry level officers due to absence of appropriate training infrastructure in the banking industry. However, with the passage of time it assumed the responsibility of imparting training to the mid and senior level officials of the banking sector.

In the early nineties, the financial sector of Bangladesh underwent a number of reform measures as part of structural adjustment in the economy. In line with these reforms, the banking institutions have been adopting new strategies and methods for improving their services. BIBM is also keeping pace by putting up its best efforts to respond to the need for capacity building of bank officials for implementation of the reform measures. Meanwhile the banking sector of Bangladesh demanded upgradation of capabilities of managerial level officials as the banks expanded their horizon of operations. In line with that BIBM regularly updates its training areas, contents and methods.

In 1997, BIBM entered into education program offering a post graduate program in bank management – the MBM. Initially the program was conducted during day time. Later on, responding to the demand from in-service professionals, Evening MBM program was launched. Beside training and education, BIBM’s current activities include undertaking research, organizing seminars and publishing reports on the issues relevant to the banking and financial sector. BIBM publishes a journal and a bulletin on a regular basis. The institute also provides support in recruiting bank officials. Since inception till December, 2011 BIBM trained a total of 65,023 officers of banks and financial institutions. Further, 570 MBM graduates passed out from BIBM during the period 1996 – 2011 and almost all of them have joined the banking profession. Besides, 102 Evening MBM graduates passed out from BIBM since inception in 2006.



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