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Boi Mela

Buy Bangla Books Online

Boi Mela

Full Description

Boi Mela is an online Book store of Bangla Books. For the past 3 years, we have closely worked with nation’s leading publications to build the web’s largest catalog of Bangla books. The website is designed with convenient search and browsing feature so you can locate a book using the publisher, author, category or part of its title.

We have partnered with the major publications to provide Bangladeshi’s living abroad with a single place to shop. Boi Mela holds exclusive authority of selling books online from most major publications. Which means we represent the official internet catalog and store front for those publications. Some of these publications inclue Seba, Somoy, Shikha, Jagriti, Madina Publications and more.

We don’t take advantage of the fact that we are the only full featured online Bangla book store. you will find a fair price on the books. In fact we are always working with the publishers and Bangladesh Post Office to bring you the lowest possible price per order. Consider the following facts:

  • We don’t charge a higher ‘International’ price for the books. All prices are in Taka as originally determined by the publisher.
  • The shipping cost is determined based on the destination country and total weight. Which means if you live in a neighboring country, your cost will be significantly low. We have developed the system as per the pricing structure of Bangladesh Postal Service, and we don’t charge extra on that.

However, we do charge a fixed processing and handling fee on each order. This amount is currently Taka 250/-. It may look like a large amount, but consider that this fee is used for the following purposes:

  • Processing of order. Our cost is currently Taka 150/- and Taka 20/- per additional book
  • Transaction fees for the payment, which cost us about Taka 35/- per order + 5.5% of total order amount
  • Maintenance and running cost of this Ecommerce Website
  • Running worldwide advertise campaign through internet and international Bangla news papers.

If you consider the limited number of orders we receive, we don’t really make money from Boi Mela. However, Boi Mela is a part of Alpha Net Consults, a leading Webhosting and Network Consultant Firm in Bangladesh, and the primary goal of this service is to serve the World Wide Bangla Community. We are happy if we can make our cost and continue the service.


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