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BRAC Kanon

A Green Initiative by BRAC

BRAC Kanon

Full Description

An endeavor of BRAC Social Enterprises aiming to promote its green initiatives through green products and services in order to save energy, money and the planet. The outlet is fully powered by BRAC solar with whole night backup solution supporting 2.4 kilowatt load for eight hours and located on Gulshan-Tejgaon Link road. The country’s first ever green retail outlet comprising four enterprises – BRAC Nursery, BRAC Solar, BRAC Recycled Handmade Paper and BRAC Sericulture. The outlet will feature products and services including ornamental, fruit, timber and medicinal plants, seedlings, landscaping and plant rental services, silk products produced by rural artisans, recycled handmade paper-based products and office stationary, and energy saving solar instant power supply and power solutions.


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