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Bangladesh Skill Development Institute


Full Description

Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) has been working since 2002 as the leading Education, Training and Human Resources management consulting organization in Bangladesh. The main objective of this organization is to develop the human resources of our country so that they can make them fit for the competitive job market and to grow their professionalism. BSDI is an approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Ministry of Education for providing different types of IT, Business and Professional development training courses and already has achieved the trust and reputation for the quality, standard and success of its students/participants. Since 2003 BSDI has successfully assisted hundreds of corporate and government organizations in Bangladesh to develop high performance work culture, leaders, executives and staff through its integrated and effective human resources management consulting and customized learning solutions. The clientele includes Corporate Organizations from Banking and Financial, Telecom, Local Groups, Housing and Land Development companies, NGO



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