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Bukhara Restaurant

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Bukhara is a reflection of passionate commitment to aesthetic pleasure & an illustrious endeavour of elegance & quality in all respect – food, service & hospitality. The visual presentation of the preparation of traditional Tandoori dishes would be something to relish. The king-size Tandoori Jumbo Prawns, the soft & silky Murgh Malai kabab, tangy & pickled Aatish kabab are some of the most sumptuous & favoured kababs while for the vegetarians the Paneer Tikka shashlik  is highly recommended. From seafood delicacies like  Jumbo Jhinga Masala, Fish Tomato to the authentic Chicken & Mutton dishes are a real treat. The vegetarian section has a variety of dishes to offer too. The home – made paneer dishes & different seasonal vegetable will certainly suffice the need of the vegetarian guests.   An efficient team comprised of experienced personnel from home & abroad would certainly take utmost care of your moments in Bukhara to be a memorable & enjoyable experience.Bukhara offers the Banquet facilities particularly for those who want to have their family or private gathering at the best located room from where one can see the dazzling night beauty of Dhaka city while dinning. A special room is reserved for the non – smokers.

Bukhara restaurant could be categorized as one of the restaurants in town where dinning would never be the same again with the classic taste & magical moments.


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