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A Concern of Times Media Limited


Full Description

CHANNEL 24is a Bangla-language based general infotainment television channel in Bangladesh. It was launched in May 24, 2012 and is owned by Times Media Ltd. Although Channel 24 is infotainment based channel but Channel 24 has gained a lot of popularity from news and fiction and non-fiction program like News 24, Sports 24, Business 24, Desh 24, Chittagong 24, Life Style 24, Entertainment 24, Drama and Honeymoon. Already Channel 24 has achieved the huge response from the viewers.

Sports 24

In order to on air, we are going to show two LIVE interacting sports bulletin called ‘Sports 24’ four times at day which will be aired LIVE on Channel 24 09:00am-09:30am, 12:45pm-1:00pm, 02:00pm-02:40pm, 07:45pm-08:15pm and 10:40pm-11:00pm. Majority of the world leading news, Most Burning, Investigative, Special or Focused story, daily sports update local and international will be discuss in the show The main focus of the night bulletin will be the local and international sports events. Daily events, special reports, analysis and investigative reports will be the main attractions. Previews of late night matches and also the games of the next day will be presented in a different style. For example matches of Champions league, Spanish league, English premier league, Tennis are mostly played at night schedule according to Bangladeshi time. Match preview, point table(graphics), key factors(graphics) and other analysis will be displayed and discussed graphically and simply to let the viewer’s understand easily and to let them enjoy the program. To make the bulletin more interesting and special, it will be a duel and interactive presentation. Before and after displaying a story there will be an informative and interesting discussion between the presenters. Focus on a particular issue and different angles of the issue will be brought under light every week, at least on two days. To make the program more popular throughout the whole country, everyday there will be a dedicated chunk for the seven divisions of our country, such as Saturday will be dedicated for Chittagong, Sunday for Khulna, Monday for Rajshahi and so on. There will also be an “Event of the day” and “Moment of the day” in the night bulletin. To give an emotional touch to the bulletin a segment called “Off track” which will focus on lucid and soft stories will be added to the bulletin. In Thursday night bulletin, burning issues, problems and corruption of sports will be unleashed for the viewers. On Friday, story of a struggling current or former sports man will be displayed. The every night bulletin will come to an end with a saucy, light or bizarre story.


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