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Priority Banking


Full Description

Having the right kind of support can make all the difference. At Citygems Priority Banking, we understand the importance of active support and believe that a priority banking service should offer you a level of dedication that befits your accomplishments. City Bank feels proud in recognizing you as a ‘gem’ – unique and esteemed. And with a view to honoring your status as a gem, the new Priority Banking Service developed for you goes by the name ‘Citygems’.

When we talk about membership at Citygems, our goal is quite simple – we wish to pamper you, because we believe that your banking activities should be conducted in style, comfort and with precision. At state-of-the art premises designed to meet the standards of 5-star luxury, we intend to give you the ultimate banking experience; essentially a world-class combination of the latest financial products & services, wealth management solutions as well as other special advisory services that will surely draw the envy of those unable to enjoy the same!

Membership in Citygems also means that you have access to a wide range of additional services which will, we believe, add value to your lifestyle in meaningful ways. Airport limousine, travel concierge, access to your own virtual office, reserved parking facility; all these are just a few of the additional services, off the entire list, a Citygems member will receive from time to time on a complimentary basis.


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