Coral Blue Resort

St. Martin's only resort

Coral Blue Resort

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Are you becoming weary of performing regular duties? Tired of working on a mountain of files on your desk? Do you want to go where you can take it easy and relax? The offshore island of St. Martin’s “Coral Blue Resort” is what you are looking for.

The saluting attitude of thousand of trees, around the resort area will give you a majestic mood. The air is very romantic and the silence of the resort area always beacons the tourists to enjoy a different world.

So, what are you waiting for? Escape from daily hubbub of the city life to dilute your heart with overwhelming beauty that the resort and island jointly has to offer.

Coral Blue Resort is the only resort on the St. Martin’s Island, the only coral island of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by long sandy beach and beautiful blue water and covers an area of 24 acres. It is outstanding, and comes closer than most to fulfilling that seductive mental image we all seen to have of discovering a remote, perfect, untouched island escape, where the sand is pure, the water translucent, the sunsets inspiring and the crowds far away. It is an excellent hideaway during the day.

Coral Blue resort is renowned as the best beach resort for its safe bathing and miles of beauty of awesome beauty of corals, which will obviously pull you. The retreat of the small oyster into their respective shell may touch your heart with an emotional bang.



Booking via Club Vacation

Club Vacation members can book rooms via Club Vacation hotline number printed on the discount package.
Booking by email and phone call: You can also book rooms by email and phone calls.

St. Martin’s, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Dhaka Office: Ocean Tower, Cha-73/2(2nd & 5th floor)
Progoti shoroni, North badda, Dhaka-1212
Tel: 09612000000, Mobile: 01713190007
E-Mail :



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