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Dalan-Kotha Limited

shaping the city

Dalan-Kotha Limited

Full Description

Dalan-Kotha Limited is a Builder engaged in construction of apartments in Bangladesh . Presently its operations are in the capital city Dhaka and port city Chittagong . Dalan-Kotha Limited is the one to turn to, for the construction of projects of any magnitude, where sky is the limit.

As the builder, Dalan-Kotha specializes in developing teams of service driven, detail oriented professionals to ensure seamless co-ordination, creative planning and flawless execution of any project.

Dalan-Kotha, is the brand name synonymous with inspired, creative game plans that result in winning hearts and minds of valued clients. Exceeding our clients’ expectation and achieving perfection for each and every project is our Benchmark. We try to ensure our positive impact on any project, regardless of our role.

Dalan-Kotha believes in quality not the quantity. We do not build apartments every where and never aim at undertaking projects which could not be built as per our standard. Our projects are always limited to few. We are ethically bound to be on our basic objectives, i.e. a) timely hand over b) quality and c)superb architecture as well as aesthetics.

We put in our best effort to maximize the gain for our valued clients without compromising the quality.


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