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Dipantar Real Estate Ltd

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Dipantar Real Estate Ltd is one of the fast growing companies in Real Estate Sector, it has started its journey as a real estate company on June 2010. Dipantar Real Estate Ltd. consists of highly qualified and experienced management team and believe in achieve its organizational goal by serving and satisfying its clients’. Members of the management team of Dipantar Real Estat Ltd. specializes in developing land project, apartments and Commercial complexes in the prime locations. Dipantar Real Estate Ltd believes in creation and making difference its product from others in every arena.

Concerns of the Group :

  1. Dipantar Real Estate Ltd (DREL)
  2. Dipantar Design & Development Technology (DDDT)
  3. Dipantar Kinder Garden
  4. Dipantar Transport Service
  5. Dipantar Foundation
  6. Dipantar Agro Project

Company Status : Private Limited Company
Date of Incorporation : June, 2010.
Registered Office : House 138, Road 12, (1st Floor) Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka 1216.
Banker : Bank Asia


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Dipantar Real Estate

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