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East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd.

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East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd.

Full Description

Bashundhara Group has singled out its enterprising devotion more in housing than in heavy industries like paper, steel, cement, LP gas and the like. In essence, East West Property Development (Pvt)Limited, though an integral concern of the Group, the entire real estate sector has been identical with Bashundhara Group.  Beginning from the core project at Baridhara, within close vicinity of Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, the Group’s diversity has taken the range to Bashundhara Riverview, along the South-Eastern bank of river Buriganga. Further down, Bashundhara Riverview Dakhina at Teghoria, only 4 km away from the 300-ft Dhaka-Maowa Highway on the southern flank of Rajuk Jhilmil residential project. Bashundhara Mouchak project, on the contrary,  stands at the Northern stretch of Dhaka at Mouchak, Gazipur.The Group’s real estate enterprise does’nt only limit into land infrastructure,  Bashundhara Apartement Project excels in building ready apartment both at its Baridhara and Riverview projects and contemplates to build the same in the other land projects to ensure world-class apartment blocks envisioned by its own veteran architects and constructed by its own civil engineering and building resources.

East West Property Development (Pvt) Limited carries the Group’s flagship mission of providing easy-to-reach and  well-built apartments at most affordable cost, as part of its corporate priority to contribute substantially to the people by providing an address of enduring peace over  generations.


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