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Genuity Systems Ltd. is an IT company established in the year 2003. It is aiming at establishing itself as one of the prestigious entities in world market to provide IT and telecom related services. Our services include Contact center solution, VoIP soft-switch and billing, Mobile Dialer, IVR, IP-PBX solution and advance IT training. Genuity is striving to provide quality services to its clients and keeping up with the global nature of the IP based businesses.

The mission of Genuity is to provide the community with the most innovative, state-of-the-art, and comprehensive communications, information technology, and software system solutions through a highly motivated, creative, experienced, and talented team of professionals contributing to the success and satisfaction of the industries and customers we serve. We are committed to provide quality services and placing honesty and integrity at the heart of all our actions.
Internet has revolutionized the way all walks of society communicate and access information. People all over the world have started to realize the benefits of embracing the web technology for conducting their day-to-day business. Genuity Systems was established in year 2003 as a private limited company to take advantage of the window of opportunity to participate in the ongoing information Technology (IT) revolution in Bangladesh. Though a newly established company, the founders and employees of Genuity Systems are the best of the breed in the business in Bangladesh.

Genuity is aiming at rapidly establishing itself as one of the leading entities in Bangladesh to provide IT related services. Our services include Call center solution, VoIP soft-switch and billing, Mobile Dialer, IVR, IP-PBX solution and advance IT training. Within a short time we have developed a substantial client base in Bangladesh as well as abroad. This was possible due to fast delivery and uncompromising quality and reliability of our services, thanks to our highly skilled, knowledgeable and motivated workforce. By deploying state of the art equipments, software and matching workforce we strive to provide our clients the best possible service.

We work individually with our customers, try to get to know them, and understand their needs. We are regularly challenged to undertake a variety of unique projects that we accept, work on with great care as a work of art, and deliver the end result to the satisfaction of our valued clients.
Personal Approach to Client

We work personally with every client because this is how we understand one’s needs and identify new areas of cooperation. We treat every client with the attention they deserve irrespective of the size of business they offer. We are committed to providing the best possible solution to our clients suiting the prevailing situation they are in. We sincerely hope and work towards the success of our clients because we believe the satisfaction and success of our clients have direct bearing on our bottom line and future growth.


We have deployed and assembled the best talents in the business in Bangladesh whose professionalism is praise-worthy. Our clients can expect optimum return on their investment on any solution they buy from us. In addition to educational qualification our working team has on the average over five years of direct hands on experience in Internet technologies, software development, web development, hosting business, and in providing package solutions to their IT/IP related issues.

Unique Ideas

Most of our projects are unique and business exclusive. This demands unique ideas and we are geared to providing unique ideas. Our approach to solution is like creating pieces of art. We offer smart solutions/ideas to our clients to ensure optimum return on their investment.


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