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The overall mission of IUBAT is human resources development through appropriate teaching, training and guidance as well as creation of knowledge conducive to socio-agro- economic development of developing societies in general and that of Bangladesh in particular. This overall mission is being attained through offering courses and curricula relating to various aspects of knowledge as well as providing opportunities for individuals to acquire skill and relevant experience in the chosen field of specialization. Besides, the University provide opportunities for promotion of scholasticism through research in different subject areas and application of knowledge in the context of Bangladesh.

Message From The Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan
Founder and Vice Chancellor of IUBAT

Let me have the pleasure of welcoming you to the IUBAT web site. A quick glance through this window will familiarize you with the approach adopted by the university to realise its human resources development mission. An internationally recognized institution, we at IUBAT pride ourselves at the standard of excellence that we have developed in our educational programs. Look through our programs and activities, you may find something interesting to develop your true potential.

We believe that by attaining your qualifications with us you will undoubtly enhance your prospect of employment and your opportunity to play a key role in a rapidly changing social and economic environment. We hope you will take advantage of our professional educational programs to achieve transferable skills required by employers as well as entrepreneurial zeal for job creation.

The IUBAT web site has been developed by IUBAT Webdev Team and has been recently modified. More information will be added in the coming days. You may want more information. If you do, simply E-mail us.

On behalf of everyone here at IUBAT, I thank you for visiting us here in cyberspace and welcome you to visit us in real life.

Educational programs at IUBAT are conducted by qualified and experienced faculty drawn from the country, region and overseas. The faculty composition reflects the application orientation of the university. Efforts of professional teachers are supplemented by persons drawn from application fields in the form of associate faculty. The cooperating universities abroad are a big resource base for visiting faculty and arrangements have been made to have visiting faculty to reflect the intercultural orientation of the university, some of which is also availed through international students admitted to the university. The present faculty composition has been shown in the College wise faculty section.

  1. College of Business Administration (CBA)
  2. College of Engineering and Technology (CEAT)
  3. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAAS)
  4. College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS)
  5. College of Tourism and Hospitality management (CTHM)
  6. College of Nursing (CN)
  7. The College of Health Sciences and Medical Education (CHSME)


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