Kasturi Restaurant

Kasturi Garden Restaurant

Kasturi Restaurant

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Kasturi Restaurant is the unique one traditional Bangla food restaurant at Gulshan in Dhaka city. Our brand name is Kasturi Garden. We deliver a high quality food of excellent taste to any corner of the Bangladesh.

Our well-experienced chefs are waiting to serve you the best ever items Hygiene is our first priority and freshness is our spirit. Kasturi Garden has a rich collection of items including Bangladeshi, Indian, Chinese and much more. We know that your needs may vary and so we’ve arranged our services not only to serve your parties but also to deliver the daily and weekly meals (i.e. Lunch Boxes)! Never worry for the cost … as we are dedicated to deliver the best food at the lowest possible rate. Check out the Menus for the prices You are very welcome to be our guest.


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Kasturi Restaurant, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings



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