LankaBangla Finance Ltd.

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LankaBangla Finance Ltd.

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LankaBangla Finance Limited (LBFL) a joint venture financial institution established with multinational collaboration is in operation since 1997 having license from Bangladesh Bank under Financial Institutions Act, 1993. With institutional shareholding structure, educated & motivated human resources, friendly working environment & dynamic corporate culture has enabled LBFL to be a diversified financial services providing institution of the country. Technical support provided by Sampath Bank Limited, Sri Lanka has been working as a catalyst to emerge LBFL as most innovative financial solution provider strictly in compliance with the rules & regulations of Bangladesh Bank.


The shareholding structure of LBFL consists of Commercial Banks, Investment Bank, Corporate & prominent Industrialists from home & abroad. The current structure is:

Financial Highlights

LankaBangla Finance Limited (LBFL) has indeed, completed another successful year of its journey towards its goal by way of stretching maximum and achieving its best. Figures of December-end-2010 speak for themselves the steady growth in its fundamental indicators over the past few years.


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