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Leisure Bangladesh Limited, the pioneer in lifestyle projects in Bangladesh is proud to present a synthesis between modern technological temperament and nature’s aesthetic disposition. The diverse locations of our projects set Leisure Bangladesh apart from all other companies in Bangladesh. From the tranquil forest lodge at Kaalmegh to the scenic shores of River Shitalakkha, from the sprawling green of the Bhawal Estate Golf Course to the pristine beaches of Cox’s Bazaar. There is something for everyone. The array of Leisure Bangladesh projects offers a unique perspective, innovative style and fresh ideas.

The experience of owning a Leisure property and living the Leisure lifestyle is unparalleled. One can sense the Leisure Brand in every aspect of the properties that bear its name – from the design driven, cutting edge facades created in collaboration with the world’s best architects, to the flawless interiors – no detail is overlooked. With each of its properties, Leisure continues to raise the bar of super luxury living consistently.

Leisure Bangladesh is an organization where quality meets excellence, technology meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection.


Leisure Bangladesh appreciates the NRB community as its highly valued patrons. We understand the value of their hard-earned remittance, their urge to keep contact with the motherland and also their fear of being misled and cheated. Leisure Bangladesh is an initiative taken by highly skilled professionals with integrity, impeccable reputation and years of experience. All lifestyle projects of Leisure Bangladesh are being constructed on unencumbered land, 100% owned by the company. Leisure is ready to hand over the possession of the land immediately, with all relevant government permissions and NOC’s in place. All Leisure Bangladesh endeavors being high-end lifestyle projects with world-class design, materials and amenities shall not only ensure safe investment for the buyer but also yield high return in future. Leisure Bangladesh shall guarantee undisturbed possession of the villas in absence of their owners.


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