Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is a university in Bangladesh, located in Savar Upazila. It is a purely residential university.

The university was established in 1970 by the government of Pakistan by the Jahangirnagar Muslim University Ordinance, 1970. During the first two years, it operated as a project. Its first Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mafiz Uddin Ahmad (Ph.D in Chemistry, University of Illinois, Chicago) took up office on September 24, 1970. The first group of students, a total of 150, was enrolled in four departments: Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics. Its formal inauguration was delayed until January 12, 1971, when the university was launched by Rear Admiral S. M. Ahsan, the Chancellor.

After the independence of Bangladesh, the university was renamed as Jahangirnagar University by the Jahangirnagar University Act, 1973.

In 2010 the university had a total of 10,500 students, 672 teachers, 206 staffs and 1,200 other employees. Dr. M Anwar Hossain is the (18th may, 2012) Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Location and Campus

The university stands on the west side of the Asian Highway, popularly known as the Dhaka-Aricha Road, and is 32 kilometers from the capital. Spread over a land area of 697.56 acres (2.8 km²), the campus lies between the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) and the Savar Cantonment, on the north of which is the National Monument (Jatiyo Smriti Soudho).


There are 28 departments under five faculties:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Department of Bangla
  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Archaeology
  • Department of Drama and Dramatics
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Journalism & Media Studies

Faculty of Biological Science

  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Department of Microbiology
  • Department of Public Health & Informatics
  • Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Science

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Chemistry (JU)
  • Department of Mathematics(JU)
  • Department of Geological Science
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty of Social Science

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Government and Politics
  • Department of Geography and Environment
  • Department of Urban and Regional Planning (JU)
  • Department of Public Administration

Faculty of Business Studies

  • Department of Finance & Banking
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Accounting and Information Systems
  • Department of Management Studies


There are four institutes for specialized research and training:

  • Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University(IBA-JU)
  • Institute of Information Technology
  • Institute of Remote Sensing
  • Fine arts

Cultural Organization

Jahangirnagar University is known as the Kingdom of Culture. There are many cultural and social organization in this university which enlightens the pride of Jahangirnagar University.The organization which play great roles to make a cultural revolution in this country are 1. Jahangirnagar Theater 2.jolshiri 3.dhoni 4. JUDS- Jahangirnagar University Debating Society.


Halls for male students

  • Al Beruni Hall: the oldest dormitory of the campus, named after Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī,
  • Mir Mosharrof Hossain Hall: named after Mir Mosharraf Hossain,
  • A. F. M Kamaluddin Hall: named after one of the ex Vice Chancellors of Jahangirnagar University Dr. Prof. A.F.M Kamaluddin, a geographer, who died prematurely,
  • Shahid Salam Barkat Hall: named after two language martyrs of the Bengali Language Movement,
  • Moulana Bhashani Hall: named after Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani,
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall: named after Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,
  • Shahid Rafiq Jabbar Hall: named after two language martyrs of Bengali Language Movement.

Halls for female students

  • Nawab Faizunnesa Hall: named after the female educator Nawab Faizunnesa Choudhurani (1834-1903).
  • Fajilatunnesa Hall: named after the first Bengali female graduate in mathematics from University of Calcutta.
  • Jahanara Imam Hall: named after Jahanara Imam
  • Pritilata Hall: named after Pritilata Waddedar
  • Begum Khaleda Zia Hall: named after Khaleda Zia



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