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creativity : perfection : fluidity : unbound : dependable


Full Description

Daring to Dream

In my graduation years, one of my professors had spurted out a liner, “To dream, to dare, to do” and form that day, those words became the backbone of my entrepreneurial journey into the world of advertising. There were three individuals in particular who had influenced me in nurturing to take on the challenges of brand communication and advertising – my maternal grandfather, late Nasiruddin Ahmed who partially owned one of the leading newspapers of Bangladesh, Daily Sangbad in the 70s-80s. He introduced me to living a life as a media personality. The other person being Mr. Aly Zaker, a true icon of Bangladesh advertising and whom I had seen growing from a small office to become the number one advertising agency of the country. And the third person is my father, who is an engineer by profession and has little clue of what and how advertising performs. Yet he is one of the driving forces, who shaped up my convictions of ethics, honesty and unparalleled dedication to work.

All the influences congregated to drive my own individual vision of embracing the wisdoms of the advertising legends across the world and blending it with the desire to change perceptions of people towards brands in Bangladesh.

My first office was in the balcony of our apartment. Along the journey, I have come across some great minds for continued inspirations. One name stands out from the list – Mr. Ram Sehgal. One of the legends of advertising of the sub continental advertising borders, Mr. Ram Sehgals accomplishment, simplicity and his knowledge bank spur me when things are down. And I thank Mr. Rezaul Karim of IOM, the distributor for Toshiba copier and notebook pc for entrusting his faith in our advertising abilities and became our first client. And till today he continues with us with the same strength of dependability on MACOMM and pushing us to deliver.

The vision of creating MACOMM was to change perception of brands, clients and consumers alike in the field of marketing communication. We started with 3 people in 2005 and today we are a highly talented, ever growing team called MACOMM. With pride, I am the person behind the wheels of this fast growing ship.

MACOMM as I see it is sailing in the winds of change to accomplish the unconventional, the un-chartered, to guide brands to paramount of success.


Changing perceptions. Everything today is about perceptions. Space tourism is a reality, solar energy is the new era energy, water run cars are being innovated, smart phones have surely re-defined communication, organic food has re-established itself, the e-ticketing has made traveling simpler, robotics have changed the process of industrial manufacturing, online music is in, I-pods have replaced walkmans, Twenty-20 has powered cricket to a new image, Micro Finance has given hopes to poor – life around us is changing, the world is changing, it’s all about how we want to perceive today and tomorrow.

And we at MACOMM want to be a driving force behind the process of change perceptions in brand communication and advertising. Talking about us, we don’t want to drag you through the generic jargons of marketing theories rather we just want to introduce ourselves as a group of young energetic bunch of brains, who envisions the dynamics of perception alterations in the field of brand and advertising and dares to dream about the world of tomorrow.

MACOMM began its journey as an event management consultant for the ICC U/19 Cricket World held in Bangladesh in 2004, one of the biggest events to be held in the country. And that led us to dream even bigger. Thus, our hunger for changing the perception of people, the perception of brands, and perception of advertising was ignited. In 2005, Toshiba Notebook PC and Copier entrusted their brand with us and they still are with us and along the way, we partnered up with many more. Today in 2013, what started with Toshiba grew into a partnership of over 40 Brands, with core brands like Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, Tourism Malaysia, Robi, Sanofi, Proton, Raffles Institute of Higher Education (Singapore), Motorola, KDS Group, and Bangladesh Cricket Board among others who have continued their partnership with us over the years.

The orange used in our logo resembles the power in us to stimulate enthusiasm, creativity, sincerity and vitality with endurance. While our empowering mocha brown color creates an aura of solidity, dependability, experience and discipline.

Our pride – most of the clients who have worked with us since the beginning, are still with us today. This is a true testament to our efforts and continuity of service standards. We are working relentlessly to achieve what we had set out for, and the journey continues.

The Growth Curve

MACOMM believes in changing perception and in the last 8 years, we have managed to persist on that path with pride. It takes time, effort and patience enable innovation to replace the convention, and despite the barriers of progression, MACOMM have maintained a consistent growth, thanks to our clients and the consumers who appreciated our brand innovations. Our average of more than 30% growth rate from 2005 is factual evidence of our accomplishments.

The difference of MACOMM compared to its competition is that its performance is unique, consistent and MACOMM chose to move along in a steady manner instead of riding the race of positions. International brands make up more than 90% of the company turnover, emphasizing the global benchmarks the agency adheres to.

MACOMM does not aspire to be the number one advertising agency in Bangladesh in terms of financial volumes but it aspires to be the number one agency in brand innovations and create brand success stories on a consistent basis.


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