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Mercantile Bank Limited

Banglar Bank

Mercantile Bank Limited

Full Description

Mercantile Bank Limited emerged as a new commercial bank to provide efficient banking services and to contribute socio-economic development of the country. The Bank commenced its operation on June 2, 1999. The Bank provides a broad range of financial services to its customers and corporate clients. The Board of Directors consists of eminent personalities from the realm of commerce and industries of the country.


Would make finest corporate citizen.
Will become most caring, focused for equitable growth based on diversified deployment of resources, and nevertheless would remain healthy and gainfully profitable Bank.
Strategic objectives:
  • to achieve positive Economic Value Added (EVA) each year.
  • to be market leader in product innovation.
  • to be one of the top three Financial Institutions in Bangladesh in terms of cost efficiency.
  • to be one of the top five Financial Institutions in Bangladesh in terms of market share in all significant market segments we serve.

Financial objectives:

  • to achieve 20% return on shareholders’ equity or more, on average.

Core values:

For the customers
Providing with caring services by being innovative in the development of new banking products and services.

For the shareholders
maximizing wealth of the Bank.

For the employees
Respecting worth and dignity of individual employees devoting their energies for the progress of the Bank.

For the community
Strengthening the corporate values and taking environment and social risks and reward into account.

New technology
Adopting the state-of-the art technology in banking operations.



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