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Among a few renowned established and traditional fashion house in Bangladesh “NABARUPA” is the one not only in home made sharees but also in salowar- Kameez, panjabee, fatua and child dress and in else NABARUPA is creating new style self made design colour incomparable motive have created distinct image for the company in the fashion world in this country. This makes NABARUPA a first class traditional name in fashion world.

NABARUPA’ started its journey since 1971-1972 in just after the liberation war. At the beginning of NABARUPA emphasized more on sharees like local imported famous sharees and so one. At that time Bangladesh was famous sharees for its hands loom sharees made by hand loom but customers demand mostly converged to imported sharees. Lack of sponsorship facilities then prevailed to esrablish the cultural heritage of the country “Hazi Abdul Rashid ” the owner of NOBORUPA and his brother collaborately took necessary steps to carry on cultural here age and to introduce and spread home made sharees creating market for local sharees and diverting customer from foreign sharees to local sharees they establish NOBORUPA step by step played a grate role for the establishment of “NABARUPA.

After that period in 1989-90 the elder son of “Hazi Abdur Rashid, Md. Khorshed Alam took the responsibility to give the organigation a new edge. At that time Indian Style sharees was at a high pace. The demand for home made silk sharees was limited to block & Botique on “Rajshahi silk“.

Mr. Md. Khorshed Alam went to big factories in India for searching of new innovative technology & tachnique introducing new edge in NABARUPA. He keenly observed those factories and secured knowledge along new technology to create better quality predicting. He returned home and work hard to give his organization a new dimension. His vigor talent and truth fullness to work established his company as a distinct one only in the country but also in indo – Bangla subcontinent.

During the inception there was 5 to 6 worker in NABARUPA. But at present about 250 workers are doing there job under the umbrella of NABARUPA. In addition Mr. Khorshed alam did a revulation in texture and design of Tangail Sharees.

To meet customer demaind the organization launched its new wing NABARUPA Boutique. Mr Badrul Alam & Md Ershaduzzaman established it in the year 2000. NABARUPA offers a vast cutting edge design color style in salowar Kameez for both girls & women, Panjabee & fatua for men and in child dresses.

Today’s combination of NABARUPA is a consequence of the hard labour endevour and talent of three sons of Hazi Abdur Rashid.

For the future planning NABARUPA is committed to introduce dresses from boutique house along with local made sharees as well as expansion of exporting will be considered. In near future, we will cover international market to lauch the NABARUPA e-commerce fashion site.


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