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Nabila Boutiques

Exclusive Shopping Mall

Nabila Boutiques

Full Description

Organisation Information

Nabila Boutiques Ltd is one of the largest craft producing and exporting organisation in Bangladesh, set up for the benefit of traditional craft makers. Its product specialisation is woven baskets from natural fibres, jute products, exclusive garments (hand embroidery), traditional men’s and women’s clothing, silver jewellery and terracotta pottery. It is registered in Bangladesh as per company act 1995.

Nabila Boutiques Ltd began in 1986 as Handicrafts manufacturer by Mrs. Shamima Nabi with a view to help destitute rural women. Handicrafts has been transformed in the name of Nabila as a self-sustaining development project in Bangladesh. Nabila Boutiues Ltd. is a wholly own subsidiary of Hayes (Bangladesh) Ltd.


  • To create fair income-generating opportunities for socio-economically deprived artisan families.
  • To make the target families and the respective producing groups self-reliant through their earnings, savings, and awareness of self help.
  • To address gender issues and encourage womens’ leadership.
  • To enhance the skills of disadvantaged artisans by providing various skill development training, to enable producers to earn a good income from their work.
  • To introduce savings and local resource mobilisation schemes.
  • To practice and promote producers’ welfare and family development, and the principles of fair trade.

Our commitment to producers

  • Interest free advance payment with each order, for the procurement of raw materials.
  • Saving scheme for producers’ old age security.
  • Safe working environment and flexible working hours.
  • Health care.
  • Training for quality improvement and product development.
  • Incentives for production quantity and quality.
  • Prompt payment.
  • Sapling distribution for the conservation of environment.
  • Equal wages for women and men producers.
  • Gender focus on women.

Our strength

  • Over 24 years of experience in production and marketing.
  • Approximately 420 producer families with over 1,900 beneficiaries, working in 64 groups throughout Bangladesh.
  • Skilled producers with high production capacity.
  • Commitment towards fair trade.
  • Environment-friendly products.
  • Highly professional quality control team.
  • Modern warehouse facilities, with moisture detector and moisture control system.
  • Regular process of product development.
  • Well equipped office with modern communication facilities.
  • Self-sustaining organization, without any external dependency.

The crafts are exported mainly to people are looking for quality and 100% handicrafts. We have 14 regular buyers in Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific. Nabila handicrafts is a one-source supplier for products of different natural materials such as cane, grass, bamboo, terracotta, and mixed media. It produces environment-friendly products made in ecologically sound and sustainable conditions.


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