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Naz Garden

4 star hotel and resort in the northern region of Bangladesh

Naz Garden

Full Description

We, @ Naz Gardenâ„ , are dedicated to serve our esteemed guests the best that is available locally, keeping in mind the very essence and flavour that is accepted internationally.


Setting prestige of the area and among its people; Upgrade lifestyle of people of Bogra; Making Bogra a Prime Venue for International programs.

Company Overview

Naz Garden is the largest and the only international standard 4 star hotel and resort in the northern region of Bangladesh as it occupies an area of about 15 acres land with extraordinary landscape. It is located on the outskirt of Bogra town besides Dhaka-Rangpur highway. Naz Garden started to render its services to valued guests and clients from 16th August 2005. By offering innovative products, services and amenities, Naz Garden enables residents to be at their best every moment, whether traveling for business or leisure at unbelievably affordable price.


We, at Naz Garden, have around 100 rooms of various standards. Leaving behind an enormous selection of rooms we, at Naz Garden, have a wide selection of food outlets providing Continental, Bangladeshi, Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines. We have 8 food outlets in Naz Garden, which are spread according to the ambience of the surrounding. Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, Bar, Banquet, Conference hall, Ball Room, Lake and many more are the main attraction of Naz Garden.



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