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Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd.

Promise to drive for expectation

Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd.

Full Description

Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd. is a special type of agro-based industries in our country. It is founded in 2008 and now it is the leading poultry industry in the greater north Bengal and fulfills very effectively peoples demand. The promoters have been taken a plan to establish a fully automated commercial poultry farm at 2 No Putimari Union, PO: Kalikapur, P.S: Kishoregonj, District: Nilphamari.

The firm is fully automated i.e. equipped with Environmental Control House, Automated Feeding, Drinking and Manure Removal System.

The objectives of the feasibility study on Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd. is to access the viability of the milk processing plant in terms of market demand as well as Technical, Market, Socio-Economic, Environment & Financial Aspects.


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