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NOVOAIR is a Limited liability company registered and incorporated in Bangladesh. The core business of the Company is to provide an array of aviation related services to its valued clientele. NOVOAIR’s core activities range from comprehensive services for its own domestic & international passengers, airport operations, and travel & holidays related services.

The Company NOVOAIR was established in 2007 with the Vision of ‘Excellence in Aviation Services’ and motto ‘Art of Aviation’ emanates from the conviction that NOVOAIR shall provide the best of services to our customers and partners.

NOVOAIR, the latest Scheduled Passenger Airline in Bangladesh has started its domestic operations to and from all major destinations – Dhaka, Chittagong, Jessore, Sylhet and Cox Bazar with EMB 145 Jets. The experienced management, best set of cockpit and maintenance engineering, well trained human resources including customer care and corporate institutional and financial strength enable NOVOAIR to initiate and successfully operate its airline with regulatory compliance, safety and service at the top its corporate priority.

NOVOAIR with its two EMB-145EU jet aircraft can carry 49 passengers each and up to a distance of 2,500 KM. With the most reliable engines of Rolls Royce, the aircraft provide the fastest means of travel between destinations. US-based aircraft interior design company, C&D Interiors designed the cabin and baggage compartments. The aircraft are fitted with Honeywell Primus 1000 digital avionics suite with dual digital air data computers, dual altitude heading reference system (AHRS), terrain collision avoidance system (TCAS), ground proximity warning system (GPWS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). NOVOAIR aircraft are capable of landing in inclement weather without compromising the safety. These aircraft are the safest, the most reliable flying machine in its category.

NOVOAIR also provide services to foreign airlines such as Tiger Airways in Bangladesh as General Sales & Service Agent (GSA). NOVOAIR is engaged in providing comprehensive sales, airport operations and customer care services to its foreign partners such as passenger and cargo handling, check-in, ramp, baggage services etc.



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