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Enjoy amazing deals from Dhaka


Full Description

OScom is the coolest and most secure e-commerce store in Bangladesh! Our specialty is that we feature the best discount rates and hot deals from all over Dhaka and in the near future from other parts of Bangladesh. Restaurant deals, travel and tourism deals, electronic and gadget deals, personal leisure services (beauty parlor, gym etc): You name it and we have it all!

Our respective merchants and partners give us the best possible deal so that we can offer them to you and we also promote their products via our facebook fan page, newsletter emails and etc.

At OScom, you just make a stopover, select your desired product and we deliver it to your doorstep. You can even collect your product from our office!

In a few words, we simply do not sell stuff we don’t buy for ourselves. With OScom- Shop Easier, Cheaper!

Our payment options are the most advanced in the world and we are proudly Bangladesh’s most trusted eCommerce site in terms of security.


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