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Persona Beauty Parlor


Full Description


In 1984, Kaniz Almas Khan, the beauty envoy of the nation started her dream with a modest set up. Since then Persona has successfully proven its excellence and commitment towards the endless journey of grooming lives. Persona is the reflection of Kaniz Almas Khan, the managing director of Persona Group, committed to provide world class beauty care services and solutions. Long term vision, professionalism and sheer hard work have made Persona what it is today.

The beauty care industry is one of the fastest growing industries of our country. Lifestyles have changed; people are realizing the importance of good health and presentation and thus becoming more and more concerned about their health and beauty. People have more access to information and media, which makes them more conscious about their well-being, leading to a change in perception. Thus beautification is not considered a luxury any more; it has become a necessity!

Today Persona is a fifty thousand square feet beauty salon and growing; more than thirteen hundred employees are successfully servicing over three thousand five hundred customers on average per day! Keeping in line with our mission statement which is: ‘To Be the total lifestyle solution provider’, Persona Group has six concerns and is still expanding.

The Persona team, which includes our management, executives, service providers and many stakeholders, is now a family who are continuously setting excellent examples of beauty care services that no one has ever experienced before and has indeed set a milestone in beauty care industry.

Customer Segments:

The main target customers of Persona® are the beauty conscious females. The past experience shows that female of different age groups used to take the services and their ages vary from 15 to 50 years. Besides, children are also a part of our service taker. But the major portions of them are from 18-35 age groups. This group includes students, jobholders, working mother and housewives. They are mostly from SEC (Socio-Economic Classification) A+, A, B+ segment, which reflect the upper, upper-middle and middle class income group. Their psycho graphic profile shows that, they are educated, trendy, concerned about health and beauty, socially responsible, able and willing to spend for lifestyle products and services.

Strategic Business Units of Persona:
Canvas: Canvas, one of a kind global standard lifestyle and fashion magazine, is also a sister concern of Persona. Canvas has already established itself as one of the popular magazine in Bangladesh as well as abroad.Persona Adams:

Persona Adams caters to the growing demand of the male population. This exclusive salon was started in 2005 in Dhanmondi and offers different beauty care services for men such as, trendy hair cuts, facials, hair treatments, body massages etc.Spring Spa:

A woman’s lifestyle has changed; she has a busy, hectic and demanding schedule to meet both at home and at work. Thus she needs a place to relax, reenergize and rejuvenate. Persona understanding this need has opened Spring Spa. Spring Spa’s exclusive services include Thai body Massage, foot massage, body wrap & scrub, aromatherapy, floral bath, special facials, steam, shower etc. in a relaxing beautiful environment.
Persona Health:Today’s women are highly conscious about their health and fitness. Our gym has the best exercise equipments, instructors and also has other modern facilities like aerobics, yoga, steam, sauna etc.

Persona Institute of Beauty and Lifestyle:

Persona has launched “Persona Institute of Beauty and Lifestyle” the first ever institute of its kind in Bangladesh. Its vision is to become the leader in beauty and lifestyle education by providing and maintaining international standard and educational facilities. Persona Institute of Beauty and Lifestyle will open up the door for its students to get globally recognized certification in near future.Studio Persona:

For the first time in Bangladesh, a beauty care center has incorporated a studio in its premise. Studio Persona is a fully equipped modern studio. Highly skilled photographers, state of the art and technology, help the studio to serve its customers for an exclusive photo session.


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