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We offer a complete range of Diesel Generating sets, from 5 KVA to 100 KVA.
Working across Bangladesh, our team of expert Sales Engineers and skilled Service Technicians, provide comprehensive support in the specification, installation and maintenance of your generator set.
Whatever your requirement for spare parts, from failed bulbs to maintenance kits to a complete engine rebuild, Power stream can supply the spare parts for almost all generators and engines Brand that in operation today.
Professional Generator Maintenance Services, with Expert engineer and experience we can take care of your generator maintenance and repairs. At Power Stream, we also offer diesel generator servicing for our own machines or generators supplied by third parties.
Generator Maintenance Agreement-Offers a variety of comprehensive Agreement Plans and Planned Maintenance Services, from standard plans to custom tailored plans designed to meet your specific requirements. All Maintenance Agreements are designed to help keep your Equipment in prime operating condition


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