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Radio Shadhin


Radio Shadhin

Full Description

Radio Shadhin a concern of Asiatic 360, is a platform where there is no wall between listeners, artists and each and every person of the society, no matter which aspect of life they come from. Shadhin is an infotainment based radio and it gives emphasis on impact of current affairs on the society. We have a sincere investigative crew behind all the latest and authentic information that we try to provide. Our crew works in diverse ways to attain these information’s, be it on ground and visual activations which gives our listeners to know the right stories and also a chance to share their views and feedback to make a difference in the society. After 40 years of independence still today, despite all our thinking, we lack the freedom to achieve self actualization. We do not have the freedom to express ourselves and we struggle to voice our thoughts and ideas against existing societal constraints. This must change. And it’s possible only if some of us seize the day and dare to be the change. Radio Shadhin is that change.

We designed our programs in such a way that will entertain our listeners as well as keep them informed and all the programs has a message that can make a positive impact on our society. Shadhin 92.4 FM believes in the spirit of freedom and we believe that in order to embrace our freedom and to bring about positive changes within & around ourselves we must first break the shackles, which exist within us; we must as Bob Marley put it, “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery”. Somewhere in our hearts, we sing the songs, the dreams and the ambitions and possibilities that are a young and new Bangladesh.

So let’s Rise up!


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  1. Bithika says:
    Posted August 7, 2014 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    Love this radio station. Thanks! 🙂

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