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Radio Today 89.6fm


Radio Today 89.6fm

Full Description

Radio Today FM89.6 is the first ever 24 hours radio station in Bangladesh. It started airing at October 15, 2006, though it started journey at May 2006. It is currently available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Bogra and Sylhet.Info: It started as the country’s first private FM radio station in May 2006 in Dhaka at 89.6 MHz. It later became available in Chittagong & Sylhet. Now it coverage in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Bogra and Sylhet coming across to the listeners as a very warm Radio Station.. where all communication is totally LIVE. Reaching out to both MASS & CLASS, The only truly live station of Bangladesh which is different from all other Channels.Programs: Radio Today is a music radio which plays popular Bangladeshi music. Music are featured in programs like Good Morning Program, Today’s Adda, Rush Hour, Hello Friends, Vagger Chaka, Bioscope, World Music, Weekend Hungama, Freeky Funday, Koler Gaan, Shaath Mathar More and Satkora including other special programs. Visit schedule for details.News: The name of Radio Today’s news department is News and Current Affairs. It starts it’s journey from the very beginning of Radio Today’s formal launching at October 15, 2006. A fully energetic & well trained Journalists and other media workers have been working day and night to let the nation informed about the whole world. Our Slogan is “Radio Today’er Songbad, Sobar Age Sorboshes Songbad“. The news team prepare and air five bulletins round the clock. We air the first news at 8:45 o’clock in the morning, then at 1:45pm, 6:45pm and 11:45pm. We also air local news at 4:45pm. Besides we air updated news at the beginning of every hour. Radio Today news broadcasting everyday Political news, Economic & Business news, International news, Sports news & everything, what’s news. Radio Today FM89.6 is always committed to ensure the neutrality and objectivity of its news.

Traffic Updates: Dhakar Chaka giving live traffic updates in between other shows.

Green Radio: The project is called Green Radio to build up awareness is a noble step. It’s a dedicated project to do better for environment. Several environmental issues are covered by this project and broadcasting a daily show on different issues. Researchers work on daily scripting of `Green Hour’ in an investigative way which gives a beneficial result. This is a research based program, where a team and write scripts for a daily morning program on airing between 7.15AM and 8AM. For Details click here

Stations & Frequency:

– DHAKA 89.6 MHz


– COX’S BAZAR 89.6 MHz

– KHULNA 89.6 MHz

– BOGRA 89.6 MHz

– SYLHET 89.6 MHz


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