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Sanofi, a leading global pharmaceutical company, discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions to improve the lives of everyone. Sanofi is the one of world’s leading Pharmaceutical companies  and the largest in Europe.

Present in more than 100 countries, with around 11,000 scientists, we have around 100,000 employees working to improve health and wellbeing. Our Global headquarters are in Paris, France

7 Major therapeutic areas

Sanofi focuses its activities on 7 major therapeutic areas:

Great Medicines for millions of patients

The sanofi-aventis portfolio of marketed products includes several medicines that are world leaders in their respective classes, in the areas of thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, epilepsy, diabetes and cancer.

In Bangladesh sanofi-aventis markets Amaryl®, Actonel®, Clexane®, Eloxatin®, Epilim®, Fymoxyl®, Flagyl®, Frisium®, Lantus®, Profenid®, Sandom®, Sefrad®, Sefurox®, Stemetil®, Telfast®, Taxotere®, among other products. Vaccines are included in the product portfolio which represents names like TetavaxTM, VerorabTM, Euvax BTM, Typhim ViTM etc.

A highly productive and innovative R&D

With more than 25 research centres on three continents, sanofi-aventis coordinates its Research and Development on a worldwide basis. The sanofi-aventis annual R&D budget exceeds four billion euros and ranks among the three largest budgets of global pharmaceutical industry. Sanofi-aventis currently possesses one of the richest and most innovative portfolios in the industry with more than 100 molecules and vaccines in development, half of which are in advanced stages (phases II and III).

The group dedicates its research in finding innovative, effective and safe medicines that provide new therapeutic solutions to patients.

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