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Shaurov Publishers and distributors (SPD) was established in 1991 with a view to serve the nation through publishing, distributing, supplying and importing books for teachers, Research Scholars, Students of different levels of Medical College, General Universities, Engineering Universities, Colleges, Schools, English medium schools etc.
Since Inception, SPD has been bringing out quality books of International standards for the Students of different levels and maintaining it’s good reputation in the publication sector.
After long 21 years of the Journey, SPD has occupied a unique position as leading Book Publication and Distribution Company in Bangladesh maintaining high business relations and linkages mostly with the major Indian and UK based publishers & distributors.
SPD uses to supply specially English medium standard books to a good numbers of schools of the capital city as well as to all over the country and proved to be the unparallel entrepreneur in the book sector of the country so far.
SPD has highly expert, motivated and committed group of personnel for office management, up-to-date Information technology & software development & management and marketing / sales management along with a group of very senior and experienced personnel to serve SPD in order to achieve the goal and maintain it’s equitable service both in national and international level.
SPD has it’s own central office at Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka and along with 2 showrooms–cum-display centres in Shyamoli and New Market, Dhaka to serve the recipients of different organizations of the country.
SPD is regularly hosting Seminars, Workshops & Book fairs in different locations of Bangladesh as a part of motivational and publicity activities. Also attending different programmes of the same natures organized by many Agencies, Institutions and thus being highlighted the activities of SPD.
The books of SPD occupy the unique position in the book world in consideration to their standard writing, features, errorless composition, up-to-date information, attractive design etc made by the experts of highly educated, creative experienced and enthusiastic personalities. Books of SPD are being used by the leading schools of the country.
By this time, books published by SPD have earned fame in different schools, colleges and Institutions. A  good number of experienced & highly qualified English teachers, Retired high officials, IT experts are closely associated with this activities of SPD.

SPD has specially earned reputation in continuous importing usable and valuable books, Journals, periodicals from India, UK, USA etc and supplying those to different Medical colleges, Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Schools of Bangladesh and has become very much popular with the Teachers, Researchers, Doctors & Students in the areas.


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