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Square InformatiX Ltd.

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Square InformatiX Ltd. a pioneer of data communication service provider has made the biggest ICT investment first of its kind in the country by setting up a satellite earth station in Bangladesh to cater to the needs of its valued clients that facilitates VSAT connectivity across the country irrespective of geographical limitation.

Square InformatiX is also a nationwide internet service provider having strong internet infrastructure. It provides broadband internet service through Fiber, Radio & VSAT.

The vacuum in the quality data connectivity within distributed offices for online systems inspired SQUARE to diversify into the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. SQUARE InformatiX Ltd. pioneered and commissioned the first of its kind VSAT Control Center with capacity to control 16,000 VSATs at Gazipur to provide the most secured, reliable and cost effective data communication within and outside of the country.

Apart from the communication solution, SQUARE InformatiX also have long experiences in providing complex network solution, deployment of integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system and provider of Corporate Internet Services.


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