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counts every opportunity

Full Description has been the fastest growing tender portal of Bangladesh since its inception. It is currently the largest such platform that brings the bidders and inviters together to exchange business procurement information. has designed a state of the art functional system, from collection to delivery of procurement information to ensure accurate & timely product notification whereby not missing any single information.Combination of high tech system and highly qualified professionals enables provide accurate supplying of quality data in the shortest possible time (day’s info by 12.00 pm same day) with no repetitive postings. It is creating a milestone by putting up a knowledge base on tender information. Tender Analytics is a knowledge hub for any enthusiast member to understand tender related market trends. Focus on strong customer service will definitely differentiate and would continue adding values to all its stakeholders.In Bangladesh, where public procurement constructs almost 20% of national GDP, a portal like acts as a great entrepreneurial initiative to strengthen government’s efforts to bring transparency in all the processes required to complete the huge operations of procurement. As Bangladesh advances more towards its potentials to be one of the bigger players on the globe (it has been cited as one of the Next-11 among the most promising economies after BRIC-Brazil, Russia, India & China by Goldman Sachs), the need to introduce and maintain transparency becomes critical. Government of Bangladesh is currently working towards implementing an Electronic Procurement system, widely known as e-GP. At we strongly believe that being a forerunner on the front our contributions will be invaluable because we know how every opportunity counts.


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