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The Big Bangla Run


Full Description

THE BIG BANGLA RUN is a sports organisation set up by the Bangladeshi expatriates based in Great Britain with a goal to help improve the economical and social situation in Bangladesh.

The fundamental objective of THE BIG BANGLA RUN (TBBR) is to promote international tourism – the industry crucial to the economic development of the country – by staging international runs and marathons across various subdivisions of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country known for its breathtaking natural beauty spots, diverse flora and fauna, numerous archaeological sites and historical monuments. It is also home to the longest natural unbroken sea beach and the largest mangrove forest in the world.

However, due to the lack of publicity and the government’s prolonged activities on tourism infrastructure, the international tourism in Bangladesh remains a sector of much-needed development. According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 published by World Economic Forum, an independent international organisation committed to improving the state of the world, Bangladesh ranked 123 out of overall 140 countries.

With increased publicity of THE BIG BANGLA RUN events, TBBR will strive to deliver wider recognition of Bangladesh and promote the country as one of the most incredible travel destinations in the world.

Since its inception, THE BIG BANGLA RUN has been supported by Bangladesh Tourism Board and the Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Mohammad Faruk Khan, who believes that “THE BIG BANGLA RUN events will open the door to one of the world’s most beautiful places – the country of Bangladesh.”
Another, yet not less important, goal of TBBR events is to encourage people of all ages in Bangladesh to engage in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. THE BIG BANGLA RUN seeks to inspire more Bangladeshi athletes to take up sports professionally and successfully compete in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Col. (Retd) M Wali Ulla, the Director General of Bangladesh Olympic Association, who was the chief guest at the first international 10 kilometre run organised by TBBR on 1 March 2013 said: “THE BIG BANGLA RUN events serve as an incredible platform for the next generation to get inspired towards competing in the next Olympic Games.”

“We are proud to support THE BIG BANGLA RUN events”, said Mohammad Yahia, a Member and National Coach from Bangladesh Athletic Federation on the day of the event.” I thank Mr Abedur Rahman Shimu, the chairman of TBBR, on behalf of BAF for bringing such a great sports event to Bangladesh.”

THE BIG BANGLA RUN are set to become Yearly Sports Events, alongside the Marathon Majors such as The Virgin London and ING New York Marathons, bringing joy and national pride to the citizens of Bangladesh.


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