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Tusuka is in garment business since 1997


Full Description

Tusuka is in garment business since 1997, started as a buying house named “texel” focusing only the woven market. With the vision of specialized denim/jeans making, in 2001 Tusuka started its venture as jeans manufacturer with only 2 sewing lines and a small laundry to take the opportunity of globally growing demand of denim garment. After a year management found the necessity of a large world class in house laundry section to fulfill the vision. So from 2003 management started to expended the laundry and new sewing lines in its compound. Now Tusuka has the washing capacity of 45000pcs per day, with total 40 sewing lines specialized in denim garment making.

Our Main Sourcing are Raymond , Arvind , Moufung, Lanyan, Shangdong , Atlantic Mills, PT Apac, Suntex, Taksang.

We are also doing around 10 % production with heavy twill, Canvas and Corduroy, which we are sourcing from China through our Hong Kong office including all type of trims.

We use chemicals from World best reputed chemical suppliers i.e , Garmon Italy, Officiana+29 Italy, TLP Holland, CHT Germany , Dystar Turky ,etc


Tusuka has very strong and efficient Quality Controlling team in all the factories who make sure the sewing quality is according to the customer’s requirement. We also have a central QA team who assist the factory QA team in every aspects of quality controlling. In case of every new input, our factory conducts an internal PP meeting with all the QA personals in that line and all the operations are elaborately discussed in that meeting. All the QA stuffs make sure that they fully understand the quality requirement of each and every operation and then only factory goes into bulk production.

1) Sample Procedure
2) Measurement Method


New product design and development is very important for a company. In this industry the fashion changes very fast. To cope-up this requirement, we must continuously revise our design and range of products to meet changing preference of the customers.

Considering above, Tusuka has a dedicated Research and Development team helping the company to preserve its leading edge in the global market place.

Tusuka has well equipped laboratory which is approved by H & M. It can help us to assure:

1) Buyer required testing standard
2) Product quality & safety


Metal Contamination:

The factories do not use any pins and staples in production .Factory has sealed containers in all sections for metal disposal. An inventory of tools boxes in all sections. Sharp tools inventory control chart for all department is readily available .All trimmers, points, scissors are secured to the working table .No hazardous instruments are being used in the work place.

Needle Policy:

Records are maintained for the control of new, used and broken needles .record for Kimball tag guns are also available .All needles are removed



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