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White House BD’s facilities are perfect for the individual traveler, business person, consultant or family who seeks a sense of being at “home” while working on the road. By offering individual rooms inside well-appointed apartments, along with kitchen facilities, friendly service and open sitting area. Our guest house offers more local experience without compromising on the benefits of modern comforts.


Having more than 201 climate controlled rooms with an any of amenities including imperial, Crown & Royal sultes we comfortably meet the requirements of a diversified range of visitors. And as the way to ones heart is through ones stomach, the hotel houses four restaurants serving to individual palates. Whether if’s a casual meal, drink of just grabbing a cup of coffee, youll find our restaurant and lounge very accommodating & comfortable.


White House offers guests comfort and personal attention in a domestic atmosphere. Our location is in a quiet neighbourhood of Gulshan 2, adjacent to the American Club and gulshan Lakeside Park. Your hosts, Maya and Jewel, will make you at home in true Bangladeshi fashion.

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